ENV-EX® TWS-R Roll type Wheel Washing System

It is the compact roll unit which is able to wash two truck axles at the same time, and hence, it reduces the time needed for washing a truck. Sticky mud between double wheels and the mud in the wheel profiles are also cleaned. Having a short installation time, it is also suitable for short-time applications.

The water used in wheel washing is recycled to be re-used in all of the ENV-EX® TWS Wheel Washing Systems.

Flocculent is added in the precipitate and mud in the recycled water which is used in the system; and this water is removed by the Automatic Spiral Sediment and Mud Cleaning System, or it is collected in the big concrete sediment tanks without adding flocculent. The mud collected here is removed by means of a digger, an excavator or an immersion pump. 

There are recycling pools made of sheet metal, as per request.