ENV-EX® TWS-M Mobile Wheel Washing System

It is ideal mostly for short-period usage. The system can be moved easily to another location, after the work or project in the present location is over.

According to the condition of the land, the vehicles can access to the system by means of steel ramps located in the entrance and exit, or concrete ramps as per the physical condition of the application area, or without any ramps.

The water used in wheel washing is recycled to be re-used in all of the ENV-EX® TWS Wheel Washing Systems.

Flocculent is added in the precipitate and mud in the recycled water which is used in the system; and this water is removed by the Automatic Spiral Sediment and Mud Cleaning System, or it is collected in the big concrete sediment tanks without adding flocculent. The mud collected here is removed by means of a digger, an excavator or an immersion pump.

There are recycling pools made of sheet metal, as per request.