ENV-EX® TWS Automatic Truck Wheel Washing System  

It is designed to wash the wheels and dumper of the vehicles in the facilities like trucks and TIRs which are used in the excavation sites, mines, batching plants, solid waste-recycling sites, cement plants, thermal power plants, etc. as per the related Environment and Highway Regulations, before entering into the traffic. Developed by our expert engineers and technical staff, ENV-EX® TWS Automatic Wheel Washing Systems can be produced in various wheel dimensions for various vehicle lengths and vehicle densities, according to the requests and needs of the customers.

Installation and demounting of the modular washing systems can be completed in a very short time.

In addition to the pressurized and flow rated water pumps and nozzles, water treatment used in the system also plays an essential role in the success of ENV-EX® TWS  Wheel Washing System.

The water used in wheel washing is recycled to be re-used in all of the ENV-EX® TWS Wheel Washing Systems.

Flocculent is added in the sediment and mud in the recycled water which is used in the system; and this water is removed by the Automatic Spiral Sediment and Mud Cleaning System, or it is collected in the big concrete sediment tanks without adding flocculent. The mud collected here is removed by means of a digger, an excavator or an immersion pump.