• ENV-EX®, a company which attaches great importance to human health and environment. Being aware and conscious of the sensibility of our dear valued customers regarding human health and environment, it started manufacturing Open-Air Dust Suppression System (ATS) in 2010 and Automatic Washing-Up System for Truck Tyres and Dumpers in 2013 and has put these systems into practice in various cement plants, steel plants, thermal power plants and about 1000 crushing and sieving installations successfully.    

• ENV-EX® is the FIRST and the ONLY company in Turkey, having an INDUSTRIALIST IDENTITY and corporate and organizational structure and manufacturing the said systems in its own factory.

• ENV-EX®, ATS® Open-Air Dust Suppression Systems can be implemented in factories with high open-air dust concentration, Feed Bunkers, tunnel constructions, open storage yards, building demolitions during urban renewal works, cargo handling by means of trucks, dippers, ships and railway cars. They suppress the dust coming into existence in the related premises and provide a dust-free environment; they are also implemented successfully with the additional artificial snow and deodorisation functions.  ENV-EX® is the ONLY corporate company in manufacturing single-fan systems in Turkey and the ONLY manufacturer in the world as far as two-fan systems are concerned.

• ENV-EX® is well equipped with an expert team dealing with technical issues in an efficient manner, a competent team comprised of mechanical engineers, assembly technicians, environment and mining engineers, all capable of providing solutions for all the problems and responding the requirements in the phases of projecting, manufacturing, assembly and after-assembly.

• Our company, which has been in the leading position in this sector in Turkey, is also engaged in export activities in more than 30 countries in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Turkic countries. It's also the only brand mark in Turkey favoured and preferred by cement plants, thermal power plants and corporate companies.  

• ENV-EX® is the FIRST and the ONLY company in Turkey which produces Dust Suppression Systems at international standards providing values even under levels accepted by the related Ministry in accordance with the PM10 measurement system (5 mg/m3 in indoor spaces and 3 mg/m3 in open-air spaces). Our company has been certified by the Ministry Environment and Forestry with its letter dated 21.01.2002 under the reference of 13564.

• ENV-EX® is the ONLY company in Turkey which is also engaged in academic conference and public lecture activities concerning Dust Suppression technologies organized by the General Directorate of Mining Affairs, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Governorships, Provincial Directorates of Environment and participates in various mining symposiums and economy programs transmitted on TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) and various other TV channels giving information in this context.